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EBB & FLOW is now offering private sessions for golf enthusiasts interested in enhancing their performance. These exercises strengthen the lumbar spine and abdominal regions, areas of the body which are so vulnerable to injury during golf. See videos and more under GOLFERS

GYROTONIC® for Golf is a unique program that will improve your body’s health and efficiency on the golf course, making your play time more proficient and enjoyable. The program integrates the GYROTONIC® teachings which can improve body mechanics for swing distance & accuracy, increase mobility and stamina, strengthen your core, restore joint function and decrease chronic pain. 

GYROTONIC® for Golf was designed by Juliu Horvath, founder of Gyrotonic, and David Rasmussen, a PGA golf instructor. Specific exercises have been developed to improve your golf swing and prevent injury.

GYROTONIC® exercises go beyond conventional strength training. These movements give golfers the best combination of strength training and flexibility training for the muscular system. Balance and realignment is the key to creating normal, natural movement for golfers.

The GYROTONIC® exercise system has multiple exercises for every part of the body and each movement involved in the golf swing. This system will help you increase and strengthen your hip and shoulder turn, improve your cardiovascular fitness and make the whole body more open and flexible.

With GYROTONIC® training, golfers will be able to play more consistently and play without the fear of injury. It helps all golfers improve faster, and ultimately enjoy the game more.

***Katie was invited to give a Gyrokinesis class to the freshmen and sophomore students @ Virginia Commonwealth University.**

EBB & FLOW invites you to join Team Braden Strong

www.TeamBradenStrong.org (For all live upcoming events and fundraisers)

A Message from the Johnston Fire Department...
On Thursday, June 5th, 2014 Fire Fighter / Rescue Lieutenant Braden Leonard, a 9 year veteran of the Johnston Fire Department, suffered an injury which resulted in the loss of his right hand. 
Braden is an affable, strong, fun loving guy who is always there when you need him; on and off the job. He is an avid snowboarder, mountain biker, golfer, and sailor. Although his current circumstances might be seen as a setback, everyone lucky enough to know Braden knows he will persevere!  While it is still too soon to know what his exact needs will be, we're sure they will be extensive. We, his brothers and sisters from the Johnston Association of Fire Fighters, Local 1950 have set up a fund in his name and are asking for your help. 

Please Visit our Braden Strong Page where you can purchase T-Shirts, Window Decals or Helmet Stickers. You may also make a cash donation of any amount. All net proceeds go directly to the Braden Leonard Fund to assist in our brother's recovery. We accept all major credit cards or PayPal.  If you are local, we will also have items available at our Headquarters Station. 

Donations can also be mailed to:
Johnston Firefighters Local 1950
C/o Braden Strong
1520 Atwood Ave.
Johnston, RI 02919
Help show Braden your support by wearing the #120 beard

Did you miss Katie's interview on 1540 AM WADK last year? She was asked to join them again this year.

The 6th Annual Newport BridgeFest presented by the Arts & Cultural Alliance of Newport County.


Dates are 2015, Monday July 28 through Thursday July 31.

Full Calendar of Events & Lineup are posted online. 

Future special classes and information yet to be determined... stay tuned...